Sunday Morning Pancakes

I woke up early Sunday morning, thanks to the time change.  I am happy for the time change because I’m a “morning person” and I want to see daylight as soon as possible.  Yesterday morning it was raining and that is cause for celebration here in Austin.  I would have preferred a heavy downpour, but I’ll take the light rain we got.  The weather had also warmed up a bit again so I took my coffee out to the back deck and thought about breakfast.  I wanted something different, something a little bit special.  Pancakes!

A while back I bookmarked a recipe for Vegan Banana Oat Pancakes. It seemed like the perfect recipe for breakfast so I got busy in the kitchen.  These pancakes are easy to make, but you need to have a ripe banana on hand (riper = better for taste).  For the recipe, click here.  You will also see better pancake photos on this link, but here’s a photo of mine.

Are you wondering what the brown gloppy stuff is on top of my pancakes?  Looks bad, but tastes great.  I mixed some almond butter with maple syrup, heated it in the microwave and then stirred to combine the two.  Way better than just syrup or just almond butter alone.  Also way more calories.  But hey, I was celebrating the rain so I indulged a little.

I took my pancakes and the newspaper back out to the porch.  Kitty had her own plans for the newspaper.

We all sat and watched the rain.  Such a nice, peaceful Sunday morning.  I might have shared those pancakes with Carl, but he slept right through it all.  Sorry Carl but, “you snooze, you lose.”


I hope you all had a lovely Sunday.

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  1. JL goes Vegan says:

    What a lovely Sunday! Thick, heart pancakes are right up my alley. Yours look wonderful.

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