To PB or Not To PB

Since it’s National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month I thought I’d share with you some info I’ve read about Peanut Butter.  I should start by saying that I LOVE the taste of peanut butter and I always have.  I could exist solely on peanut butter if I had to, though I’m glad I don’t have to do that.

I also like eating almond butter and sunflower butter. I often have tahini (sesame seed “butter”) and cashew butter on hand for cooking/baking.  But, as it’s National Peanut Butter Month I’ll stick to talking about peanut butter for now, just wanted you to know there are options if you don’t care for the taste of peanuts.

I used to really plow through the jars of peanut butter but then I read that peanuts are high on the list of  pro-inflammatory foods. That did not sound good to me (however, coffee was also on that list but I managed to ignore that one.)  I finished up my jar and replaced it with almond butter and, sometimes, sunflower seed butter.

Recently I came upon research showing that peanut butter is actually good for us.  Hurray!  Check out this video from NutritionFacts.org, the website of Michael Greger, M.D.




I no longer avoid peanut butter.  Peanut butter is delicious and I’m glad it’s back in my life.   I always buy organic peanut butter that has only one ingredient: peanuts.  Well, sometimes it also includes salt, but there just is no need for added ingredients in peanut butter like sugar and hydrogenated oils  Yes, those keep it shelf stable, but I’d rather keep my jar in the refrigerator and stir a little than ingest ingredients that my body doesn’t need.

Organic is important too.  I read that since the peanut crop is rotated with cotton crops, the peanuts pick up pesticides that are used for cotton (and not meant for human consumption).  Uhhhh, no thanks!  I’ll stick with the organic kind, it’s not that much more expensive.


  1. Lee says:

    I always buy the natural kind but I didn’t know that about organic peanut butter. I am going to go look and see if mine is now. It’s not. Oh well, next time.

    I do think that articles come out saying certain things are good or bad for you all the time and then a conflicting article will come out the next day so it’s really hard to figure out which is right.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      I agree about the conflicting info — all the time. That is why I always look at the source of the info. I do trust NutritionFacts.org because of Greger’s qualifications, but he’s simplifying the latest research and that doesn’t mean that future research will reverse current thinking about something.

      I didn’t confirm the pesticides “thing” about peanuts, but I heard long ago that peanuts are one of the most heavily sprayed crops and that could be due to the cotton crops. I certainly wouldn’t throw out a jar of peanut butter based on that. Just something to think about.

      Hope you have a great day, Lee!

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