Runner’s Knee + K-Tape

Part II of my “Feeding a Non-Vegan Crowd” series will come tomorrow (you can read Part I here.)  Today I want to talk about Runner’s Knee and how I’m handling it, for now.

I’ve been putting in some “decent” mileage (running) and my knee is starting to let me know it might be at it’s limit.  The shocking part is that I’m actually trying to listen to my knee — I usually just ignore it and hope the pain goes away.  Last week I started experiencing mild pain while running in two areas of my right knee.  I have pain on the outside, which I am pretty sure is due to IT (Iliotibial) Band stress (I’ve had that before.)  I also have pain on the inside of my knee cap.  This pain is kinda new for me so it has me a bit more concerned.  I was also concerned about running the 4th of July 15K with this knee pain — but I’m way too stubborn to pull out of the race.

Enter: the Internet.  I “Googled” knee pain and found this wonderful chart from which I was able to identify and “name” my particular knee pain.


I believe I’m experiencing a mild “Medial Collateral Ligament” sprain, along with the ITB syndrome.  I also read that one possible cause of Medial Collateral Ligament issues is the “cartilage wearing down from underneath the knee cap.”  I’ve known for a long time that I have knee cartilage “wear and tear” so I’m not surprised to read what might be the cause of my current knee pain.

Next, I had to figure out how to get through my 15K run.  As I mentioned, I am very stubborn and was not about to let a little knee pain keep me from a “Run” I already paid for and was looking forward to running.

Enter:  K-tape (or Kinesiology Tape).  I had some leftover K-tape that my physical therapist had given me when she was treating my plantar fasciitis.  [That pain is largely gone and 100% under control now.  Thank goodness.]  I figured it couldn’t hurt to use the K-tape on my knee before/during/after the run.  I wasn’t sure exactly how to apply the K-tape for Medial Collateral Ligament pain so, once again, I turned to Google for help.  I searched “Using Kinesio tape for medial collateral ligament pain” (I’ll “google” anything) and came up with multiple YouTube videos demonstrating how to apply the tape.  I love the internet!


(By the way, there were several variations on how to apply the K-tape.  I assume they all would work.  The above video is the one I chose to use.)

So yeah, I do love the internet but how much do I love K-tape?  Not sure.  Whenever my physical therapist applies it I think it’s great.  Whenever I apply it, I’m never sure it’s effective.  I guess I’m 50/50 on the stuff.  I wore it during the race and didn’t start feeling knee pain until the later half of the race.  That’s good, right?

I’m going to take a few days off from running any significant miles.  My usual runs will be walks for the next few days.  I will still be doing the runs during Beach Boot Camp but those amount to about a total of 2 (+?) miles and so I don’t count those runs. I told you I was stubborn, right?

Important NOTE:  I have NO formal training (medical or otherwise) in treating knee pain or pain in any other part of the body.  I’m just an amateur runner trying to keep my body moving.  This is what I do.  Of course if I had serious pain I would seek professional help from an MD or my physical therapist — and so should you!

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  1. JL goes Vegan says:

    It sounds like you’re handling this well and wisely. A couple of days rest is always a great preemptive move. It just might be enough. And if it’s not, I’m sure you’ll listen to your body. I hate set backs like this, especially before a targeted race! Hang in there.

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