Company Lunch

We had company for lunch today.  Friends from Austin are here in San Diego on their vacation and they stopped by to visit.  It was so fun to spend some relaxed time with them.  We talked, and talked and talked…

Hi Sheryl and Alan!

I was happy to see them, happy that the sun came out today, and happy to try a few new recipes.  As I was serving up lunch, I realized that everything I was serving came from a new (read: experimental) recipe for me.  It might be kinda risky to do that when serving to guests, but I wasn’t at all worried cause the recipes came from some very reliable sources.

First up:  High Protein Quinoa Almond Berry Salad from Angela (Oh She Glows).  All the berries came from last weekend’s trip to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market.  This salad is so delicious and it was a cinch to make.  Quinoa, almonds, strawberries, blueberries, and cherries with a light, barely-there, dressing that plays up the sweet goodness of all the fruit.  Click here for the recipe.

Next up:  Asparagus and Potato Salad, another of Angela’s recipes.  (I make so many of her recipes, I’m starting to wonder if I might be her #1 fan.  But probably everyone knows about her fabulous recipes.)  This was served warm and while it was roasting in the oven my house smelled so good we were all starting to drool a little.  Good thing it cooks up fast.  My only regret:  I would have liked more asparagus in the salad.  The asparagus also came from the Farmer’s Market and I only had a small bunch (it’s kinda the end of asparagus season here.)  This warm salad is dressed with a mustardy-vinegrette type sauce.  It’s hard to describe how good this was, except to say that I noticed Hubby going for multiple servings.  Click here for the recipe.

I also served chicken salad (for the non-vegans) and whole-wheat sourdough bread, both of which I purchased at the store.

The finale: Double Chocolate, Single Chin Brownies from Mama Pea (Peas and Thank You).  Holy, frickin, moly!  These are over the top in rich chocolaty goodness.  [I love Mama Pea.  I really, really do.  Her recipes are delicious and family-friendly.  As a bonus, if you read her blog you are guaranteed a daily laugh.] These brownies are vegan and oil free, hence the title “Single Chin”, but they taste like the richest brownies ever made.  I could eat the whole pan right now.  And I would, except Hubby would pout if he discovered them all gone.  It’s not pretty when he pouts.  Anyhoo, click here for the recipe.  Do it!


Question:  Have you ever served guests food you had never made/tried before?  Have you ever served guests nothing but food you’ve never made/tasted before?  Is that a crazy thing to do?

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  1. Andrea says:

    Your lunch guests look familiar….

    I love the idea of using mustard on the salad. I’ve had an asparagus and potato salad before, but the sauce was butter and chives, so I ended up drying off the pieces a bit before I ate them.

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