Kitchen Time

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time in the kitchen lately.  It’s a happy place for me. :)   I thought I’d share some of my “work”.

First up:  Whole Wheat Vegan Scones from the Happy Herbivore cookbook (my latest purchase.)  I may have added dark chocolate chunks to the batter.  I topped these with a little melted coconut butter. Mmmmm.

Next:  Sweet Potato and Parsnip Pancakes from the Clean Food cookbook, by Terry Walters.  I ate mine over a bed of Romaine lettuce.

Also:  Quinoa Granola from Hungry, Hungry Hippie.  Major yum, and no refined sugar!  Yogurt, meet your new best friend.  You can find the recipe by clicking on this link.

The following recipes are from Ricki Heller’s soon-to-be-released eCookbook.  Sorry that the recipes are not quite available.  I will let you know, and provide a link, as soon as it’s been released so you can get your copy.  These were all very delicious.

Socca Rollups

Breakfast Bars

Frittata (yes, it's vegan)

Have a great weekend everyone!  See ya back here on Monday.  I’ll have some more nutritional news for you.


  1. Ricki says:

    All your food is making my mouth water! That granola is calling my name. And I love your photos of the ebook recipes! :D

  2. JL goes Vegan says:

    Oh my goodness…goooooooooooood eats on this post! Yum!

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