Warming Trend: Ginger Lemon Tea

[Good luck to my brother and everyone else running in the PF Chang's Rock and Roll Marathon in Phoenix this weekend!  Hope you have a great run and I'll be thinking about you.]

I’ve been so cold in the mornings.  It’s been tempting to brew up some coffee first thing when I get up, but I’m resisting the urge.  I am trying to drink only one cup of coffee per day.  I want to savor that one cup so I wait until after my morning workout to partake.  (Plus, if I drink coffee before a long run I almost always have to make a pit stop during the run, if you know what I mean.)  I keep thinking something warm to drink first thing in the morning would be awfully nice.

This morning, while reading through my long list of favorite blogs, I came upon the idea for Ginger Lemon Tea from Teri at A Foodie Stays Fit.  I immediately got up and made myself a cup.  It was just what I have been craving in the mornings.  The ginger and lemon have great digestive benefits AND great taste.  I love the zing of the ginger.

I simply grated some fresh ginger (about 1/2 tsp) into a cup.  I added water and put it into the microwave until just boiling.  Then I squeezed 1/2 of a lemon into the water.  Easy peasy.  Only problem for me is the lemon.  I’m really not supposed to be having any citrus because of my extremely sensitive teeth.  I guess this “tea” won’t be on my daily menu.  But when it’s cold in my house this will certainly do the trick.

Now, for my Weekly Workout Recap.

  • 1/7:  12 mile hill run.  I said, HILL! run.  [Ditto for Sneakers.]
  • 1/8: 1 hr 45 min hiking. [Sneakers added lots of squirrel chasing to the hike.]
  • 1/9: 4.5 miles of interval running on the treadmill.  [Sneakers went running in the cold rain with her "dad".]
  • 1/10: 7 mile freezing run. [Ditto for Sneakers, only she wasn't at all cold.]
  • 1/11:  30 min walk + 1 hour kick-butt workout with personal trainer. [Sneakers: Walk with "mom" + romp at park with "dad". ]
  • 1/12: 7 mile extremely cold run. [Ditto Sneakers, minus the "feeling cold" part.]
  • 1/13: 2 hour walk/hike + 1 hour gym workout with personal trainer. [Sneakers: run, jump, sprint, romp along the trail for 2 hours with best doggy friend Rally. I wish I had my camera along.]

I made some rookie mistakes this week with my runs.  I’ve already complained about my “bonk” at the end of last Friday’s long hill run.  Then on Monday I did not check the weather first and way under-dressed for my run.  I was cold, cold, cold the entire run.  On Wednesday I dressed well, but I forgot that the city shuts off the water fountains along the trail when the temps go below 30*.  I count on having this water, and I know they get shut off, but I failed to bring water along for my run.  Stupid.  I will try to turn on my brain before I head out for a run this coming week.

Snack of the Week is brought to you by nature’s candy:  Figs + Dates.

These are the very same Fig Bars I posted about yesterday.  They are definitely the Snack of the Week.

Enjoy your weekend everybody! And Hook ‘Em Horns!

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  1. thehealthyapron says:

    I am so impressed by your running schedule. I don’t know how you do it! The most I have ever run is 8 miles and that is when I ran regularly. I felt like I would hit mile 5 and couldn’t get past it. Then my knee started bothering so I dropped running all together. Great work!!

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