The “Other Men”

I have a confession.  I have a couple of “boyfriends”.  Yes, I’m married.  He’s my Uno.  Isn’t he handsome?

My Ironman

I also have two handsome sons.  Not going to post their photos here cause I haven’t asked permission.  Trust me, they are very handsome.

But the truth is, I also have a couple of boyfriends.

Boyfriend #1:  Roger Federer.  Duh.  I have several girlfriends who claim Roger is their boyfriend.  But they are delusional.  Roger is my boyfriend.  I’ll admit that our relationship was on rocky ground when Roger cried after losing the Australian Open to that other tennis player (I believe his name is Rafael something.)  But when he married his teenage sweetheart (the beautiful Mirka) and had twin daughters with her… let’s just say he redeemed his ranking in my heart.  [Roger, I'll be right there at your side during the upcoming Australian Open.  And by "right there at your side", I mean I'll be watching you on TV from my couch in Austin, Texas.]

'Nuf said, right ladies?

Not a bad tennis player, either.

Boyfriend #2:  Brendan Brazier.  Brendan is my Vegan Ironman boyfriend.  (Note:  My non-Vegan Ironman boyfriend is my hubby.  Photo at top of page.)  First, I downloaded and followed Brendan’s Thrive in 30 program — it’s free.  This is a program about plant-based nutrition for “optimum health and vitality”.  Next, I purchased Brendan’s book, The Thrive Diet.  Then Brendan became my boyfriend. He’s my boyfriend for being a super athlete… and a Vegan.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s a total doll.  Check it out, my friends.

I hope to actually meet him someday.  He came to Austin, but it was when I was out of town.  He’s such a tease.  Turns out he lives in Vancouver!  That’s my new, favorite city.  Next time I am there I might have to stalk him, bump into him keep my eyes peeled for him.  Here’s one more photo, for the “road”.

Boyfriend #3:  Jay Blahnik.  This is the last one, I promise.  Jay is my “iPod boyfriend”.  Last year, when I started training for my first half marathon, I kept seeing the words “Interval Training” and “Paced Runs” and “Tempo Runs”.  What the heck are those things?  Do I need to do those?  Really, it didn’t sound like anything I wanted to get into — at all.  But then, one very rainy day, I was forced into the gym and onto the treadmill for my run.  I needed music, and maybe a trainer, to get me through it.  That is when I “met” Jay.  I purchased and downloaded his “My Best 10K: Intermediate” workout for my iPod.  Jay lead me through sets of fast-paced intervals mixed with slower, recovery segments.  Jay has a wonderful, mellow, calm voice.  He’s encouraging yet not at all hyper or peppy.  I use this iPod workout whenever it’s too rainy to run outside.  It’s the only time I bother running intervals.  Guess what?  Those intervals that Jay has me working on have made me faster!  Love.  By the way, Jay Blahnik was my boyfriend before I saw a photo of him.

Sure, all my “boyfriends” are cute, but the cutest is my Uno.

He's mine.


  1. Andrea says:

    I see my arm! Also, if you leave out the hair, Carl looks A LOT like Jay Blahnik. Maybe it helps that they have their heads tilted the same way, but still.

  2. nsusanburns@austin.rr.com says:

    Liz, I’m so impressed!!! Read all the blogs-you talk so pretty {articulate}. All I hear from you in the gym are groans-who knew? Love the pics! Love the recipies! Love the insite and humor! Only one question-Which one of you loves to chase the squirels and which one is the cook?Sneakers?Liz? Love, Your trainer

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Just wait for my next post. I’m going to seriously complain about what you did to me during our training session yesterday. I hurt!!! p.s. Thanks for reading.

  3. jeanette daane says:

    Andrea’s right. Carl and Blahnik do look alike. Maybe you should have I.D. badges made in case Blahnik shows up in Austin. Wouldn’t want you to take the wrong guy home.

    And, yes, I’ll vouch for the fact that both sons are handsome.

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