“The Look”. Plus: Weekly Workout Recap + Snack of the Week

Weekly Workout Recap for the week of: 12/31 – 1/6

Sneakers’ workout in [ ]

  • 12/31: 45 min. spin bike + 1 hr gym workout with personal trainer, mostly upper body [ Sneakers: 7 mile run with "dad".]
  • 1/1:  10 mile run [Sneakers: same 10 mile run]
  • 1/2:  4 mile walk, with hills [ Sneakers: 10 mile run with "dad"]
  • 1/3:  5 mile “take it easy” run [Sneakers: 5 mile run, no squirrels today]
  • 1/4:  40 min dog walk + 45 min spin bike + 1 hour gym workout with personal trainer [Sneakers:  just the boring walk :( ]
  • 1/5:  7 mile run + 1 hour tennis lesson [Sneakers: 7 mile run + a few squirrel chases.]
  • 1/6:  1.5 hour hike [Sneakers:  hiking + a little "rock climbing" a.k.a. sprinting up cliffs, scaring "mom".]

Summary:  Not as many run miles this week but it’s good to get back to some upper-body work (much needed.)  Sneakers, on the other hand, got in plenty of running.

“The Look”

When I got to the gym on Thursday for a little workout on the spin bike, my hubby was already there spinning away.  He saw me come in and probably thought I was headed toward the empty spin bike right next to his.  But I was making a beeline to the back row.  That’s the row where all the cushy, comfy stationary bikes are located.  You know, the exercise equipment with the big padded seats, back rests, pre-programmed settings, and the little box where you plug in your headphone and get to watch Food Network, Oprah, or some talk show you’ve never even heard of before.

That’s when I got “The Look” from my husband. This is “The Look” that says, “Eh hem. Real cyclists workout on real spin bikes.” Oh I know “The Look” well.  It’s a challenge, my friends.  I know that look because I give it out all the time.  What’s the saying?  “Turnabout is fair play”?  Darn.  If I ignore the challenge I could be subject to ridicule the rest of the evening.  With a heavy sigh I climbed aboard that contraption called a “spin bike”.  It has a cold hard seat, no fancy settings, and I have to do all the work watching my interval times.  Life is hard sometimes, but I will not be called a “wimp”, at least not today.

And finally, Snack of the Week:

Snack of the week is brought to you by, Emily from Daily Garnish.  (Her recipe, my baking.)

Vegan Cranberry Walnut Muffins!

Don’t they look delish?  Well, they are.   I made mini-muffins, and chopped up the cranberries a little, and instead of regular sugar I used palm sugar, but those are the only changes I made.  So if you want the recipe (and you do) click on Emily’s recipe.   Do it.  Right now!

Question:  How have your workouts gone this week?  Did you snack on anything especially good?  (Any coins in that “workout” jar yet, Teach?)

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